Jayesh Patel caught at delhi airport
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Young boy impersonated as 81 years old man for USA visa caught at Delhi Airport

Young guys are made of going abroad, especially for going to USA by any means.

In Ahmedabad, 32 years old Jayesh Patel tried to pass through security check-in area by impersonating as octogenarian passenger with makeup of 81 years old with grey hair and beard was arrested. Even on airport, Jayesh set on wheel chair to make him really look like an old man.

Desperate Jayesh of USA visa tried to change his look for last 4 months. Jayesh was successful in getting USA visa with impersonation but his one mistake made him trap at Delhi Airport. He impersonated as 81 years old man but his skin and other parts of body reflected his correct age as a young boy. Jayesh could not hide his real age from the eyes of CISF person at Delhi Airport.

Jayesh was held at Check-In area of Delhi Airport while boarding for USA. Case has been lodged against Jayesh and further investigation has started by police.