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Zurich-based Sleepiz collaborates with SMS Hospital to launch smart wards

Sleepiz has developed a unique device that enables early detection of Code Blue and timely medical intervention to save lives in hospitals

Ahmedabad: Zurich-based MedTech startup Sleepiz (Ltd.) has collaborated with SMS Hospital, Ahmedabad, to introduce its innovative technology, that can upgrade any general ward into a smart wardto enable early detection of Code blue in the hospital and save lives.

Code blue, a medical term for sudden deterioration of a patient in a hospital ward leading toalife-threatening moment, is a pressing problem worldwide. Most of these deaths in hospitals can be prevented through timely intervention. However, withthe current manual monitoring processes, it is very challenging to get notified of these events on time. Sleepiz uses smart medical devices and AI-driven algorithms to enable early detection of these events. Doctors and nurses get real-time notification on their phone in case a patient starts to deteriorate. Nurses can activate the immediate response team and take timely action to prevent such deaths.

Sleepiz and SMS Hospital havepartnered to bring this innovative technology to Ahmedabad. And, in just amonth, they have impacted the lives of 58patients with 191timely actions.

The device, Sleepiz One+, monitors three key vital signs of a patient – pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and respiration rate. The data is simultaneously transmitted to a cloud platform, which is collected, evaluated, and shared in real-time 24×7 by the Sleepiz CARE (Cardiorespiratory Evaluators) team with the physician. In case of any signs of deterioration in the patient’s health, the physician is immediately alerted.

“Sleepiz One+ is the world’s firstmedically CEIIa certified device to monitor respiration in a non-contact manner. It is powered by an integrated SpO2 (Oxygen saturation) sensor and provides completely new insights from continuous data and trend analyses. Our continuous monitoring technology enables hospitals to provide care to patients like never before,” said Dr. Roshni Srivastava, Clinical Operation Manager of Sleepiz leading the partnership with SMS hospital.

Using Sleepiz One+, any general bed can be converted into a step-down ICU or HDU (high dependency unit) in a simple and affordable manner. The device helps reduce the burden on hospitals and healthcare personnel by addressing the need for continuous monitoring of vital parameters and data-driven triaging of patients.

“Sleepiz One+ is an extremely cost-effective and convenient device and has the potential to shape the future of healthcare. We are happy to collaborate with Sleepiz to bring this innovative solution to India and look forward to serving the people of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar,” said Dr MM Prabhakar, Medical Superintendent of SMS Hospital.

Sleepiz’s vision of improving people’s lives by creating the future of healthcare is already making a notable difference. More than 307 patients have been monitored for more than 7,776 hours using the device, with over 1,677 life-saving escalations in just two months.

Sleepiz is driven by a mission to provide patient-centric disease management in hospital and homes through itsinnovation. It is now entering India to bring the innovation to the Indian healthcare system and impact the lives of millions of patients in the country.

Sleepiz AG was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich by Soumya Dash,Max Sieghold and Marc Rullan, and aims to improve people’s lives by helping to shape the future of healthcare. Sleepiz brings its innovative contactless technology to improve patient outcomes, in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Sleepiz works with leading hospitals globally, including University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, HirslandenSwitzerland, and AIIMS Patna, India.The startup, which has over 60employees, has raised over USD 9 million in investment capital to date and has received funding from institutions such as Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency) and the European Commission. Investors include ZKB, Verve Ventures, an American health insurance company and four sharks of Swiss Shark

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