yashwant sinha says finance minister a burden on gujarat
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Yashwant Sinha says Finance Minister is a burden on Gujarat

Yashwant Sinha says Finance Minister is a burden on Gujarat

Today Yashwant Sinha former Finance Minister and BJP leader address a press conference in Ahmedabad on Lokshahi Bachao Abhiyan.

Sinha said actually over the years, figures on industrial growth have not picked up, unless they go into double figures employment in the country cannot be generated.

On a remarks that he is hunting a job at 80, Sinha said I still stand and speak. I come from a culture where personal and professional relations are maintained separately.

Sinha demanded resignation of finance minister Arun Jaitley and called him a burden on Gujarat. He must take the responsibility of anomalies in GST. It is a deeply flawed system and people have a right to demand that he should loss his job.

What our own countryman think about us is all the more important that what outsiders like World Bank, UN or trump think about us. We herald our praising like anything and disagree with criticism, Sinha said on Ease of Doing Business in India.

I am not into election campaign or any advisory board but I feel that people of Gujarat should win the election.

There is a big fight in our country for taking credit.