hardik patel calls dirty politics on viral video
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Hardik Patel calls ‘dirty politics’ on alleged viral video before Election

Hardik Patel calls ‘dirty politics’ on alleged viral video before Election

Today Hardik Patel Patidar leader sharply reacted on the Video that has gone viral with a girl.

Hardik called the act as a cheap tactic of BJP to defame him. It is a beginning of dirty politics, such allegations will keep happening. The person who has given video has gone Delhi BJP and joined the BJP party. He added that this is a morphed video prepared in Bangkok.

It is election time, so such videos are expected. They are expert of preparing such videos. Earlier Sex CD of Sanjay Joshi RSS canvasser, Naliya Scam and Mandvi scam are a few episodes made by them. Sanjay Joshi ‘s Sex CD came out when he was emerging as a strong leader. Joshi could not raise his head thereafter in state. Such incidents leads me to a mature leader. Now when situation is improving so in 2017 again they have made video. They make and send CD to people. I have learnt that a message from Kamalam ws sent that after 3 pm, effigy of Hardik to be burnt.

They have a business to spy women, make CD. Women of Gujarat should get alerted and take serious note of mischief done with morphed video of women in Gujarat and insulted Nari Shakti. To retain their power they have made women instrumental. It will so happen that some women will threatened or pressurized to admit about it.

I am working for my community and that is why I am opposed. They could have dared to oppose me politically.

The video was to come out when Rupani made statement about Ahmed Patel on ISIS terrorists from hospital of Bharuch. Some people stopped them, so now this video has come out now.

Now they cannot go to public. They cannot to publicity.

BJP is not going to get more than 50 seats in Gujarat Assembly Election.

On web portal it was spread that, more than 100 videos were made from Bangkok.

I will check the video and reply media after my return from Kadi added Hardik.

I dare to accept whatever I do. My language is bitter and talk straight.

Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil called cheap politics by BJP while reacting on Hardik Patel’s viral video.

Make my similar video challenged Ashwin Sakadsariya to Hardik Patel , if his video is fake feels Hardik.

Ashwin is said to be close to BJP top leaders.

Hardik Patel Patidar leader in a press conference called “Hu Mard Chhu”.