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10 to 15 fishermen of Gir Somnath missing as boats sink due to strong winds

Today in Gujarat about 10 to15 boats sunk in the sea, many fishermen were missing. It is being told that some boats have sunk in the sea due to heavy rain and strong winds. 10 to 15 fishermen of Gir Somnath are reported to be missing including a few passengers. According to sources, four fishermen have returned to the coast. According to information, it has been raining continuously with strong winds since last night in Gir Somnath.

On Wednesday, fishermen were warned not to venture into the sea after forecast of bad weather. Coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat have been receiving rain since Wednesday and Meteorological Department has issued an alert of heavy rain. With this, a five-day warning has been issued for the fishermen.

Severe damage caused to several boats. The boats anchored on jetty sank due to strong winds. Indian Coast Guard Helicopters have been deployed to search for missing fishermen.

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