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3M Car Care now in Vadodara launch 111th store in India

3M Car Care now in Vadodara launch 111th store in India

3M Car Care, India’s single largest organized player in the car detailing sectorhas launched their first store in Vadodara marking their 111th store in India recently. The inauguration of the store was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony by Mr. SaurabMukerjee, Franchise owner 3M Car Care who will be spearheading the business in Vadodara. The new store, an exclusive outlet spread across 1000 Sq. Ft, is located GotriSavasi Road and offers a wide range of car detailing services.

Services offered

·         Car exterior paint refinement

·         Interior cleaning

·         Anti-germ treatment (99% germ elimination)

·         3M Car Air Care with AC Evaporator Cleaning

·         3M Paint Protection Coating

·         3M Paint Protection Films

·         Car Anti-corrosion treatments

·         Full Car Wraps & Decals

·         NoMAD™ Car Mats

·         Car Wash

·         DIY range of products


Being an industrial hub, Vadodara is a very strong market as it is among the top contributorto Gujarat’s economy. The state’s Automotive market is the eighth highest in the country and with the government focusing on skill development and training in the auto sector makes Vadodara conducive for automotive and allied industry.


Mr. Ajay Jain, Vice President, Automotive Aftermarkets Division, 3M India said, “3M Car Care services is seen as a pioneer in the car detailing segment and is gaining salience among consumers across the country, in fact this store will be the sixth in Gujarat itself. After seeing much success across Ahmedabad and Surat it was imperative for us to establish our presence in Vadodara as it is home to manufacturing companies and our trusted OEM partners. Our focus lies in expanding beyond metro cities and Vadodara is an exemplary market which reflects the aspiration and demand in such markets.”


“Over the last decade, the Indian market has seen immense growth. We currently have 110+ stores and have detailed over 3 lakh+cars since our inception in 2011. By end of 2018, we aim to launch 165+ stores across India and it is our endeavor to be present in as many tier II/III cities as possible to make our services available to all,” he added.
Being pioneers in organized Car Care business, 3M India enjoys market share of close to 55% in the same segment. Owing to the success of their franchising model, the business has grown exponentially and continues to grow around 40% y-o-y. The business has become the trusted partner for most OEMs and after-markets. It has established credibility and achieved maximum recognition from leading auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, GM, Tata, Volkswagen, Ford, Mahindra, Renault, Maruti Suzukiand Hyundai.

Aimed at offering superior value through the best quality and service to its consumers, 3M Car Care has an innovative portfolio of affordable products and services which include:

Exterior detailing involves a wide range of services like paint sealant, power shine which protects the paint of the car from environmental damages and restores the shine of the car.  Products like windshield cleaner, wipers, car shampoo, polishes, waxes, tyre dressing, ensure that with the DIY range you able to maintain the showroom look of the car.

Interior detailing services include 3M Nomad™ Car Mats, deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin using specialized techniques and products such as 3M Interior GermKleen which ensure 99.9% bacteria removal from 21 different parts of the car, dry vacuuming interiors, dashboard cleaning, engine cleaning, degreasing and so on.

 Health & Hygiene with 3M GermKleen and AC vent disinfectant treatments ensures that the car is 99.9 % bacteria-free as increasing concern around air quality, health & hygiene of family is of the highest priority. 3M Car Air-Care treatment with AC evaporator cleaning uses a specially formulated cleaning solution which is a quick hassle free process that cleans and unclogs the evaporator sytem making the air clean and restores the AC’s cooling without any damage to the AC system.

Anti – Rust Treatmentis essential to protect not just your car under body but also door panels as rust weakens the body of a car, causes squeaks, noises and exposes the parts to chipping. Using 3M Underbody and Internal Panel Protection Treatment, the car under chassis and doors are insulated, thereby resistant from corrosion, rusting, abrasion etc.

3M™ Paint Protection Film is a transparent durable Urethane Film specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes. It helps protect a vehicle’s paint finish from scratches, harsh conditions and other potential sources of damage on the road viz. Stones, sand, road debris and bug acids. 3M™ Paint Protection film can be applied on the hood, fenders, bumper or the painted surface of the car. It keeps the car looking new and maintains the resale value of the car

 3M™ Paint Protection coatingis a cutting edge-Coating Technology that protects your car from dirt and stains and makes it easier to get rid of dirt, dullness and dust. It provides a durable gloss that helps your car maintain the new look for a much longer period of time. It creates a hydrophobic effect that provides hydro-phobic effect and protects your car from UV rays, keeping the effects of ageing and fading at bay.

Personalization is an all-time favourite affair of car lovers who want their personal mark of stamp on their cars or want to stand out. 3M offers a range of material solutions from graphic imagery to stylish film finishes to full body wraps or roof wraps for perfect customization and personalization of exterior vehicle bodies. These films are easily removable and doesn’t affect the OEM original paint, giving your car the makeover it deserves.