52 yards long flag for goddess ambaji
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52 yards long flag to be offered to Goddess Ambaji by Ahmedabad devotees

In Banaskantha, thousands of devotees from entire Gujarat walk towards Goddess Ambaji for darshan on Bhadarvi Poonam. People from all around places come to Ambaji temple for Darshan of Goddess Ambaji. Bhadarvi poonam has its own religious significance and is said to be very pious as per Hindu Calender.

There is a fare from 8th to 14th September during Bhadarvo month in Ambaji.

In Ahmedabad city, devotees of Vyasvadi Pagpada Sangh for last 25 years walk upto Ambaji temple with a 52 yards long flag. The Longest flag will be offered to Goddess Ambaji in Ambaji temple with great devotion.

This time, devotees performed Garba before start of their Padyatra to Ambaji. Rangoli on the theme of abolishment of Article 370 and 35 A from Kashmir was prepared at Vyasvadi in Nava Vadaj area.

Padyatris and devotees offer 52 yards long flag to Goddess Ambaji and will offer prayers for well being of all and seek blessings from Goddess for peace and happiness.