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Gujarat government to reduce school fees by 25 percent

News of relief for parents, Gujarat government has decided to reduce school fees by 25 percent. The decision will also apply to boards other than Gujarat Board , state Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama made an announcement after discussions with school administrators and parents on issue of school fees in private schools.

Parents had moved High Court on issue of 50 percent reduction in school fees during lockdown period.In response to plea by parents in the matter state high court directed to Gujarat government and after delibrations today it was decided to reduce school fees by 25 percent.
Minister Bhupendrasinh clarified that reduction of 25 percent in fees would be admissble to those parents who have paid 100 percent school fees. Out of total fees paid 25 percent fees would be adjusted. The move by government will protect job of school teacher who were theatened to be removed from job and were not paid their wages added education minister.


However parents were not satisfied with the decision of state government on 25 percent reduction in school fees against the demand of 50 percent school fees reduction.
in Nikol area of Ahmedabad, group of parents protested against decision of 25 percent reduction in school fees and called it a lollipop by government.

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