Ahmedabad received heavy rain
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Ahmedabad heavy rainfall expected in next 24 hours

In Ahmedabad, due to upper air cyclonic circulation formed, heavy rainfall expected in next 24 hours.

Today during 12 to 3 pm Ahmedabad received 32.20 mm rain. East zone received 26.33 mm and West zone received 39.38 mm of rain.

New west zone had 30.67 mm, central zone had 37.5 mm and north zone had 53.88 mm of rain. In south zone average 5.5 mm rain was received.

Heavy rainfall left Ahmedabad submerged. Domestic airport way waterlogged due to heavy rain. Runway affected by potholes, 6 flights kept on hold and only half runway was operational for over two hours until repair done. Flights delayed at Ahmedabad airport as heavy rains leave potholes on runway

3 sluice gates of Vasna Dam were opened upto 2 feet.