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Ahmedabad: World Record Award winning Fiction novel “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” launched by Mayor Gautam Shah

Recently in Ahmedabad, World Record Award winning Fiction novel “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” was launched Mayor Gautam Shah. Novel is written by Sarita Raghuvanshi and Anand Bhate. Book is an attempt to overcome the fear of “Log Kya Kahenge?” Our country is experiencing a rather confused state of mindset nowadays, where on one hand we are witnessing the emergence of a Start Up Culture spearheaded by the vision of our current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi himself and still there are people who are held back from chasing their dreams and creative mindsets because of Manjoo Mausi’s “Log Kya Kahenge?” attitude. Authors – Bangalore based Sarita Raghuvanshi and Ahmedabad based Anand Bhate today launched their fictional novel in English titled “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” in presence of Mayor of Ahmedabad City – Shri Gautambhai Shah.

Co Author of the book – Ms. Sarita Raghuvanshi who is a Bengaluru based MC (Master of Ceremonies) and who has anchored 900+ National and International large format live and televised events in 15+ countries over the last decade shared, “This novel aptly tells you how students in India are treated like ‘puppets’. The novel intends to stop this constant pressurizing on students. It deals with our protagonist trying to overcome “Log Kya Kahenge?” and still not upsetting his family. This novel, which promises elements of humor, romance, emotions, tragedy and a bit of motivation, has depicted the struggles of an average Indian student in pursuing a career of his/her choice. We also came up with a unique novel promotional video made which had a puppet in it. This video was uploaded on YouTube in June 2016 and it received tremendous response and critical appreciation. This promotional video, and the novel, went on to create a World Record for being the first of its kind. The hashtag #DontBeAPuppet has been used for this campaign which indeed strengthens the core motive of the novel, i.e. students in India should NOT be treated as puppets. I have an Engineering background with a major in English and a rich experience in Marketing and I was living through lots of interesting personal experiences as I was penning down the book.”

Ahmedabad based, Co Author of the book – Mr. Anand Bhate is the Director of ‘Jeevan Anand Builders’, a Gujarat-based real estate development company. Armed with an MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru he is a Passionate Writer and also an occasional Blogger. His blog was the Official Blog Partner of the Gujarati Film “Chhello Divas”. With a twinkle in his eye, he shared, “Our story revolves around Abhishek Patel, an ‘Amdavadi Chhokro’, who wants to become a chef and start his ‘Thepla’ restaurant chain globally. Being a chef isn’t a career that his father (a doctor) could accept, and his neighbor ‘Manjoo Mausi’ ensures that he becomes atleast an Engineer, if not a Doctor, otherwise, “Log Kya Kahenge!” Abhishek has to go through a lot of family and societal objections while pursuing his dream. The book takes you through the journey of Abhishek’s school and college life that every Indian student can relate to.”

Mayor Gautambhai Shah congratulated both the Authors and shared, “I was told that both of these authors had this common vision that our beloved Gujarati Thepla should be considered ‘cool’ and be made available in every possible restaurant, just like pizza and burger. There should be exclusive food outlets for Thepla like they have for fast food items, and the same has been put in their novel. Hope that readers of the Novel connect to it and we see this new menu item globally.” The novel “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” was up for pre-order by its publisher “Write India Publishers” on and earlier this month, and 1200+ copies have already been ordered. The book has appeared several times amongst the top-10 in the ‘Hot New Releases’ category on The publisher has done the first print-run of 5000 copies and the same will be distributed via 300+ bookstores of India and various online portals.