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AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Rs 4040 cr Revenue Income Budget Proposal for 2016-17

Today Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) commissioner D Thara’s budget proposal with a vision for laying the foundation for smart city projects in the coming years, for 2016-17 will emphasize developing sustainable cities. Introducing the concept of better public spaces, augmenting water and drainage supply , introducing 24×7 water supply , developing quality public spaces, paid parking, ambient air action plan, electronic surveillance and introduction of new health initiatives will be part of this year’s budget.The plan for civic services on your mobile will receive much needed impetus this year as well.

The Budget proposal of Rs 4040 crore under Revenue Incomce for year 2016-17 was presented. With Budget break up of Grant & Contribution of Rs 670.44 cr, Grant in lieu Octroi Rs  Rs 1045.57 cr, Professional Tax 156.0 cr, Vehicle Tax Rs 70 cr, Non Tax Rev Rs 900 cr, W&C Tax Rs 331.47 cr, General, W&C Tax Rs 507.66 cr and  Other Rs 378.86 crores.

A mammoth Rs 2,000 crore water supply augmentation plan for AMC involving the laying of new water trunk lines from the Narmada canal to water treatment centres was placed before the state government recently . This also involved a plan for creating a 15-day reservoir facility for the city .Beside this year, AMC also plans to introduce new environment friendly measures for congested areas of the city. Sources claimed that a possible hike in taxes was debated till the last minute, keeping in mind he elections in 2017. “Even if the commissioner proposes it there are chances that it will be struck down by the standing committee,” says a senior AMC official. He also added that Patel-dominated areas and those living in chawls and economically weaker sections areas will receive more attention n this budget. Among the plans that proposed under the smart city project initiative are a 1,000 km optic fi bre network across the city for intelligent transit management, surveillance and a central command and control centre that will integrate all civic amenities.
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