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AMC blacklist 3 contractors for poor construction of roads

AMC blacklist 3 Contractors for poor roads in Ahmedabad

After heavy rains in Ahmedabad city, most of the roads were washed away. There were ditches and potholes on the road leading to road accidents and traffic jam. It also washed away pre-monsoon plan of AMC at large.

Today finally, AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has made announcement to blacklist 3 big contractors for poor quality road making work. There are actually 8 contractors empanelled by AMC  for road consructor and repairs, out of which 3 contractors were getting majority of the work.

Ahmedabad Mayor Gautam Shah had assured of stern action against people responsible for poor condition of roads. Even, actions against many AMC Officials and other contractors would be taken added shah.

There were complain of poor quality road almost from every zone of the city.

3 Blacklist contractors would carry out road repairs at no extra cost. There were already granted with contracts worth crores of rupees.

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