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Arfi Lamba from Fugly Movie says “When I was struglling, that struggle seemed nice to me”

Arfi Lamba in an Exclusive chat with Gujarat Headline…

Are you feeling nervous or excited as the Film has already released today?

You cannot be nervous, even if you have given best interview of the job,  you have to wait for results. I am nervous for sure. Have excitement because I have seen movies many times..”you are bundle of nervous but you are excited bundle of nervous”.

What is the response you are getting from Audience?

Very good, people leave theatre with a different kind of feeling some are calling it as ” Modern Range De Basanti..”. We come with different expectations, but people are moved by watching movie.

Are the Audience appreciating your work?

My work for sure, because I am comedy element in the film. Whenever, it starts in dark or heavy situation. Even if I am crying, people are laughing. I hope I am done good job. I am very confident of my work.

Tell us about your character?

I play a very middle class boy in the film. He has got strong middle class values. He is a virgin by choice. He is looking for a right girl, he is that kind of a boy. I was looking at couple of friends to understand the character mentally.. “Protective Kid” for me to play Aditya was challenging as well as, I took a lot of help from Kabir.

Does your character made any impact on your real life?

I hope it does. Note that Fugly is coming to an end. I hope, if Aditya is there or not? you want to switch off or not from character that is a whole question. Change as a person has happened for sure. “Change TABHI AAYEGA..WHEN YOU WILL CHANGE”.

What does ‘Fugly’ mean to you, a real meaning?

Fight Against Ugly. Any wrong thing happeneing society, we want you to fight against it.
What is different in this film from your other films like Slumdog Millionaire and Prague?
I had try small part in Slumdog Millionaire, but it gave me international exposure and Prague was a very dear film to me. I am very proud doing that film. I play a very complex character in Prague. Grazing Goat are trying to make good movies. It is commercial movie. As an actor, it will reach out audience and get appreciated. I am looking forward to that.

How much excited to work with Akon and Lady Gaga?

Personally I donot know about Lady Gaga, I got to read from media. But I know Akon is part of project. I am very excited about it. I think it will be finest project of my carrier. It is totally a big budget film.

How you were selected for Hollywood project?

It was at Cannes Film Festival on my own, for my company.I had started going to Cannes and Berlin Film festival. So, I have started making network and friends there. Somebody recommended me to them.

How was chemistry with the co-stars?

Very very good, I am very close to Vijendra. I learnt a little bit Boxing from him. We had lot of fun.
Kiara, I had lot of fun with her. We had lots of pranks so it was very good.
Mohit, Me and Mohit follow same method of acting and style. So we bond there.

Tell us about your Struggling Days in the Industry?

Very bad, honestly, when I came to Mumbai, my mother was not happy.I thought Yash Chopra will spot me. My biggest regret of my life is, I could not work with Yashji. After one year, when all my money was over, my parents wanted me to come back to Delhi. They wanted me to study further.Those were the days, when I did not have 10 rupees, in my pocket. I would walk all the way from Andheri to Malad. I started realising that I am outsider, in this industry they test your patience. When I was struglling, that struggle seemed nice to me.

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Please watch the film..It is a message giving film..”be the change” as Gandhiji said.