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Call Girl racket exposed in Ahmedabad

Call Girls were locked up in Auda’s house in Ahmedabad; facilities of AC, LED TV were present to serve the customers
AHMEDABAD: A brothel in Auda’s house in Krishnanagar police station area of ​​the city has been exposed. Police have released 11 Call girls. According to the information received, a person named Raju Yadav has been running the brothel for some time now. The action was taken by the police as soon as the police control room came to know that some young women were being forced in illegal activities.
The accused Raju Yadav, had brought the girls from Mumbai, Maharashtra and Bengal. Raju used to do illegal activities with these young girls. However, the shocking thing in the police investigation is that accused Raju Yadav had occupied the houses on the basis of an agreement and later in these houses that he began his immoral activities.
Door to the room was locked from outside when the police arrived at the scene. Young girls were locked inside the house. While the rooms of Auda’s house were also equipped with facilities including AC, LED TV to provide royal facilities to the customers.
Police have also arrested a customer during the raid. Police seized Rs 14,540 cash, three LED TVs, five ACs, 12 mobiles and a rickshaw. According to local sources, the matter was reported to the police several times earlier but no action was taken.
It is noteworthy that such immoral activities are going on in many places in the city. In many places such activities are also carried out behind the social parlor. Police have been conducting raids at such places from time to time. However, after sometimes such activities resume.

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