fire safety meeting chaired by vijay rupani
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Chief Secretary of Gujarat to submit report on Surat Fire Tragedy to Vijay Rupani

Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary of Gujarat to submit their report on Surat Fire Tragedy in Sarthana claiming 22 lives to Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

All coaching centres operating in high rise buildings shall be inspected by the Director (Fire Services) who shall take immediate action for closing down the operation of coaching institutes operating above the fourth floor in such buildings in violation of the fire norms.

Mukesh Puri Principal Secretary held a press conference in Gandhinagar for media under the leadership of Vijay Rupani. Puri revealed some shocking facts. Puri added that 9335 buildings lack Fire Safety arrangements who were issued with notices. A press conference was held at Chief Minister’s bungalow. A report after visit to Surat will be submitted to Gujarat CM on the Surat Fire Tragedy in Sarthana. Strategy has been worked out to avoid such incidents in future.

It was exposed that fire took place to fire in back side of Takshshila complex in AC output due to short circuit in which 22 persons died and 15 others were injured.

For sitting arrangement Tyres were used in the classes. There was no space for ventilation in the classes on top floor made in dom which was built illegally. There just one ladder between third and fourth floor. In the complex there was an approval upto 3rd floor only.

SMC Surat Municipal Corporation engineer who granted permission to the complex had not done his job sincerely. 900 buildings in Surat were survey except this building.

There are norms for Flex Banners. Surat Fire Department was lacking adequate fire fighting system and had insufficient fire staff.

In addition to building owner Jignesh PaghDad, Harsukh Vekariya and Bhragav Butani, there are officials of SMC and  of Electrical company who permitted for electrical connection, all other permission were granted later on.

In common plot of Nirmalnagar, Takshshila Arcade was illegally constructed in 2013, which was settled at an impact fees of Rs 83,000 from back door after dealing of crores of rupees illegally. Use of electricity increased day by day, which no one bothered about including officials of electric company, smc engineers or building owners.