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Congress and AAP to jointly fight Lok Sabha Elections 2024 from Gujarat

Hardly Months time is left to Lok Sabha Elections 2024, there is a big political move has emerged in Gujarat. AAP Aam Aadmi Party President Isudan Gadhvi has announced that his party will contest the elections together with Congress party under the umbrella of  INDIA alliance. Due to this announcement, there has been a sudden political unrest in Gujarat. Till now it was expected that BJP will win on all 26 out of 26 Lok Sabha seats like in previous election. Two main opposition parties have announced to fight together, the equation has changed overnight. Now on some seats, a situation has been arised in which BJP has to work harder. At the same time, there is a  possibility of sudden major upheaval in the election which will challenge one-sided dominance.

It is news for the BJP, the party which won 156 out of 182 seats in earlier Assembly Elections, because Kejriwal’s AAP, which was considered BJP’s B team, is now with joining Congress. Now it is final that AAP and Congress will contest elections together in Gujarat. Although there are still months left for the counting of the Lok Sabha elections, whether there is any change in reality till the elections or not, it will be watched. Along with this, it will also be seen distribution of seats  between two opposition parties druing the election. At present, there is an issue of bringing Kejriwal government in Delhi under control of central government through an order is being debated in the Parliament.

At one stage, Congress had taken the stand of not supporting AAP in this matter, but due to combined opposition unity and INDIA alliance, both the parties have joined hands. Now Congress is supporting AAP in Parliament and AAP is with INDIA alliance. At one stage Kejriwal, who vowed that he would never join Congress, has finally decided to ally with big alliance in Gujarat Lok Sabha elections, then everyone is making political assumptions about how much difference this alliance will make in Gujarat politics.

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