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Corona Warrior Surat based Dr Sanket Mehta critical; to undergo lungs transpant in Chennai

The life of a Surat based young doctor who saved other’s life by giving his own oxygen mask is dead.
One patient took off his high-level oxygen mask to get on a ventilator and stood by to save other patient’s life. After this incident, Dr was known as Corona Warriors. Now Dr Sanket has been battling Coronavirus and its aftermath for last 42 days.

However, the cost of transplanting his lungs has been reduced to Rs 35 lakhs. For the Corona Warriors CR Patil will approach Gujarat government.
Corona epidemics are constantly coming up against the patient. Doctor Sanket Mehta, who was admitted to a private hospital for treatment of Corona, has given his oxygen mask to the patient as he is in needed it most. That doctor has been on the ventilator for the last 25 days and is now on ECMO’s support for 22 days. The situation is such that now the Corona Warriors is to be taken to Chennai for a lung transplant.