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Day-II Ahmedabad Design Week 5.0 concluded on a high note at Karnavati University with engaging discussions and deliberations

Ahmedabad, February 17, 2024: Discussions on sustainability, the ethos of design and innovations were the highlight of the second day of the Ahmedabad Design Week (ADW) 5.0, a design conclave organised by Karnavati University in Uvarsad, Gandhinagar. Experts present at the conclave deliberated upon several topics including the DNA of Design, Space Design, the world of sustainability, among others.

During a session titled ‘Design ka DNA’, Mr Gaurav Vazirani, took the participants through the intersection of philosophy and design and shared the journey of his design practice. 

Mr Ankur Choksi, the visionary mind behind Studio Lotus, conducted a session on ‘Making Spaces into Statements’, elaborated upon his diverse portfolio of work, which included seamlessly integrating local crafts and visual language.

On the other hand, Mr Saptarshi Prakash, Director of Design, Swiggy, spoke about the connection between designing experiences and interfaces, during his session on ‘Design Delivery’. He explained the recipe of a good UX design with everyday examples.

Ms Lakshmi Subramaniam, the head of design, Zivame addressed a session on ‘Let’s Talk Lingerie’ articulating the importance of fit, shape, and style.

Stephen Mascarenhas from Cinegance VFX guided the participants through the exhilarating landscape of VFX in Bollywood and Hollywood, exploring the intricacies of 2D, 3D, and CG aspects. 

Dr D Uday Kumar, the designer of the Indian Rupee symbol, shared his inspirational journey rooted in Devanagari and Latin scripts.

Mr Vijaybahu Joshi who spoke on ‘Empathy in Human Centric Design’ engaged the audience in a thought-provoking session on environmental energies, memories, and the intricacies of sustainable yogic agriculture.

Besides engaging speaker sessions, the second day also saw a series of workshops by experts.

In a workshop titled ‘Power of Play’, Ellis Bartholomeus shared his insights on game design, illustrating how playfulness can enrich both work and life.

Sinbad Phgura conducted a workshop titled ‘Through the Lens’ and  delved into the essence of originality and communication within photography, emphasizing simplicity and natural elements. Students explored the intricacies of portrait photography, engaging in a meaningful dialogue on photographic principles.

On the other hand, Gajesh Mitkari’s workshop, ‘Recipe to Cooking Magical Visuals’, provided a cross-interactive exploration of the stepwise progression in creating impactful packaging graphics, drawing inspiration from storytelling, and leaving students with a captivating recipe for imaginative visual creation.

Dr Karambir Singh Rohilla, a noted font designer, conducted an inspiring typography workshop, sharing personal experiences and showcasing his designs, including contributions to India’s constitution. He introduced students to the basics of typography, emphasizing the beauty and craftsmanship of each letter. The workshop encouraged participants to explore creativity and understand the importance of effective communication.

Meanwhile, Majikhan Mutva, a master craftsman from Kutch region of Gujarat, unfolded the artistry behind the ancient craft of Mutva mud work during the ADW Craft Workshop. Rogan art artisans Ashiesh Kansara and Komal Kansara, also unravelled the history and techniques of cloth painting art, fostering a dynamic exchange between students, artisans, and academicians.

ADW 5.0 is a design conclave and a confluence of globally renowned design experts, thought leaders, researchers, and stalwarts, organised by Karnavati University and presented by Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID). The inaugural ceremony of the three-day event took place on Friday morning at the varsity campus itself. Karnavati University is a state private university dedicated to excellence in teaching and is focused on interdisciplinary learning.

Started as India Design Confluence (IDC) in 2018 and later rebranded, ADW originated with the philosophy of providing a vibrant and gyrating platform for creative enthusiasts to showcase and express their ideas and concepts before a community of designers, academicians, innovators, global advocates, industry captains and professionals from the world of design and other creative domains.

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