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Director Vishal Pandya says “Don’t be judgemental about my Film Hate Story 2”

Article by Darshana Jamindar

Hate Story 2 fame Director Vishal Pandya in an Exclusive Chat with Gujarat Headline.

Tell us something about your Movie “Hate Story 2”?

Basically, it is a Story about a girl who has seen lot of traumatic nights in her life, but there comes one traumatic day in her life that changes her entire  life and then she goes on a row of killing each and everyone. So, basically it’s a Revenge Love Story.

Do you think your Film has limited audience as it has Bold Scenes?

I donot think so that I have a limited audience because I have broken the barriers, when you see a 2 minutes 15 seconds Trailer you just have 12 to 15 seconds of Kissing scenes and other Bold scenes. In rest of the Trailer there is an action, drama, revenge and everything else. I have got 11 Billion hits up till now and still counting, so I donot think most of audience are watching Trailer for this 12 to 15 seconds scenes only, because they can see much more on other channels. People want to see the Film because of its very Revenge Story.It is a Powerful women oriented film.

How did you got Idea of casting new actors?

I have came from school of Vikram Bhatt and he also gives chance to many new comers so, firstly I was very comfortable working with new comers. Script also demanded new comers and Suvreen is not a new comer she has lot of Punjabi Films. She is a very powerful actor. Jay is also a good actor.

The Music of the Film is getting very Popular so does it feels?

Of course, it feels good. Not only music but everything is much appreciated. The trailer , Performance and of course song is the part of Film. Today, most of the people go to watch film because of the songs. Particularly “Aaj Phir Tum Pe” is going great. I think people are connecting instantly with the song. Of course, for Sunny’s song “Pink Lips” she has got her own audience to get attention. For both the ways it is a good for the film.

You are not Promoting your Film on “Comedy Nights with Kapil”?

I think there is a saying “Everyone has there own Haters and Rumors are spread by Haters”. So of course I didnot know anything about the show’s promotion because they have managing team for that. If I am rejected, than I have no issue because somewhere or the other way everyone is got rejected and Kapil Sharma  also might have got rejected somewhere else. I am totally fine with it because I don’t think promoting my Film on one show can make a difference to the Film.

How was your experience working with T-series as  Producers?

T Series, are I think superb producers. They know how to make and produce the films. More than making the film, they know how to promote it. Both the ways, it helped me a lot. So, I am very lucky and Happy to get them as my producers.

Do you have any Connection with Ahmedabad?

Actually I am from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. My ancestors are from Bhavnagar but I have came to Ahmedabad from 15 to 17 years back. When I was kid almost. I have a few close people in Ahmedabad where I am in touch with them everyday. I would like to say, that I am Part of Ahmedabad because I am a Gujarati. I would be really happy, if they support me and my film. I will be very grateful to them.

Is your film “Hate Story 2” a sequel to first part?

No, It is not a sequel. It is a Prequel, so it doesn’t have any connection with the first part.

Message for your readers

I would like to say, firstly that people who are being judgemental about my film that it is a Sex film is not that at all. So, after watching the film they are going to change there view. I would request them not to be judgemental from the Trailer. Please give yourself a chance to watch the film. I am sure people would love the film and it would prove to be a total Paisa vasool film for everyone.