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Dussehra celebrated in India with great festivity


Dussehra also known as Vijaya Dashami is a Hindu festival  is celebrated due to victory of good over evil. On this day, government offices, school and colleges remains closed in India, which is marked on the 10th day of the bright half ,Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashvin, according to the Hindu calendar. Dussehra also mark of nine days long Navratri Festival.

On Dussehra celebrations are made by Performances of the Ramlila , a short version of the epic Ramayana in Northern India. In Gujarat people enjoy, delicious combination of Fafda and Jalebi,  one chaat like dish and a sweet dish, combination. In Karnataka, a large festival and procession including the goddess Chamundeshwari on a throne mounted on elephants in the town of Mysore. The blessing of household and work-related tools, such as books, computers, cooking pans and vehicles in the state of Karnataka. In Bengal, preparation of special foods, including luchi (deep fried flat bread) and alur dom (deep fried spiced potato snacks) is prepared.

Many Hindus also believe that it is lucky to start a new venture, project or journey on Dussehra. They may also exchange gifts of leaves from the Shami tree (Prosopis spicigera) as a symbol of the story of the Pandavas brothers’ exile in the Mahabharata stories