girl blaming chhabil patel
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Ex BJP MLA Chhabil Patel denied rape charges by lady in Kutch

Today ex BJP MLA Chhabil Patel of Abdasa held a press conference over the rape charges on him by a lady running NGO in Kutch.

Denying the charges Patel said that I have never met that lady or had any photo with her. I have never talked to her. Patel added that one guy came to me claiming her husband, ran away when I told him to undergo narco test.

Patel said that, hang me if charges against me are proved.

Lady has filed complaint against Patel in Dwarka police station.

The lady says he captured my photos and started blackmailing me. Patel started threatening her saying that now you are in my control and if you will not surrender me I will kill your children.

lady explains that since I am a mother I kept silent. He also made a deal with me to have a honey trap with businessman and politicians as per his instructions for keeping the photos of her secret. We are collecting handsome amount from those people and I will pass on the share to you, if you follow my instructions.

lady cried and said that I donot want to spoil myself and earn money like this. Similar incidents might have happened of exploitation with many ladies who are silent and have not come forward.