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Glorious Jal Yatra of Lord Jagannathji Begins in Ahmedabad

Today morning, Jagannath Temple’s traditional Jal Yatra was started with waters from Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. The river from Sabarmati will was poured on lord Jagannathji and the entire place was turned holi and pious.

Jal yatra 2

In Jayesth month, Lord Jagannath will ride in bullock cart in the Jal Yatra procession. Bullock cart will be specially decorated in which lord Jagannath, elder brother Balram and sister shubhadra will ride.
Every year, Jal Yatra procession ahead of Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad city. Fleet of elephants and followers will join Jal Yatra.

Jal yatra 3

There are special metal pots of coppoer and brass weighing from 2 kg to 150 kg. Atleast 3-4 persons are needed to lift the pot. Water in 108 pots will be brought as a part of Jal Yatra, then lord Jagannath will go to maternal uncle for 15 days and will later return to the temple.

Jal yatra 4

Jagannath Temple is full of devotees preparing from Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad. Many preparations are done, chariots are getting decorated. Temple is getting painted. Devotees are coming and offering their voluntary services.