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Gujarat Congress takes on Modi government on price rise and unemployment rate


Indian National Congress spokesman Pawan Khera address at press conference in Ahmedabad in GPCC office critcising price rise, inflation and unemployment.

Congress takes on BJP Bharatiya Janta Party and Modi government on following issues pertaining to common man and its effect on their monthly budget.

Rise on GST rate on footwear items from 5 percent to 12 percent, 10 percent increase in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) consumer goods, charge To withdraw own money from ATM , Online taxi / auto rickshaw booking more heavier on pocket, Buying car or automobile to be expensive, Cement prices to rise to Rs 400 per bag, price of steel also skyrocketed, India Post Payment Bank Raises Fee hike.

Also inflation in last 7 years, after coming BJP coming to power in 2014 impact on fuel price, gas ,cooking oil, tea, vegetables and dal etc.

Congress Gujarat president Jagdish Thakor, spokesman Dr Manish Doshi, Jayrajsinh Parmar and others were present at the press conference.

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