medical camp at gir somnath
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Gujarat : Flood relief material distribution and medical camp in Gir Somnath

In Saurashtra, after heavy rain fall for last 10 days, relief measures were carried out in Gir Somnath at Gir Gadhada taluka.

Relief material was distributed in Lerka, Shiloj, Khatriwada, Kaneri,Panderi, Ebhalwad, Aalidar and Harmadia.

16,000 Instant ready made food packets were distributed by BAPS (Swaminarayan sect) to 11,00 families of flood affected people in Gir Somnath.

Medical health kits were also distributed in Manekpur. 1,74,859 people from 52 districts of 268 villages were given benefit of medical camp. At the camp treatment for fever, flu, diarrhea and skin related diseases were given.

food packets by baps in gir somnath
food packets by baps in gir somnath

Dry Eatables including Ladoo, Sukhadi, Chevdo and biscuits were give in food packets to affected people. 500 kg of Shiro and 500 Kg of Ladoo were prepared for distribution. 150 volunteers of BAPS carried out the activity in a tractor and 3 Bolero cars.