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Gujarat government insists on wearing masks: health minister Rushikesh Patel

Gujarat government insists on wearing masks: health minister Rushikesh Patel
Masks are not mandatory in current SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
People should be vigilant against Corona

Gujarat state government has organized a mock drill today to fight against Coronavirus in which state Health Minister Rishikesh Patel said that there is no need to be afraid of Coronavirus but people need to be alert themselves. The state government has expressed concern over increasing number of Corona cases and has conducted an immediate mock drill for it. Any defects will be removed. Also state health minister Patel said that the mock drill has been organized as a precautionary measure. State government has increased vigilance only after the Union Health Minister ordered mock drills across India. Mock drills are being conducted in all government and private hospitals of state including ventilators, oxygen.

While talking about wearing masks in Corona, Rushikesh Patel said that generally masks are not mandatory but people should wear masks for their own protection. Also, masks are not mandatory in current SOP, but masks are necessary for protection. On the one hand, work is going on to weaponize the vaccine to fight against Coronavirus Regarding this, health minister has accepted that there is a shortage of vaccines in the state and for that, Gujarat has demanded 3 lakh doses of vaccine from the Center and the Health Minister has also expressed the hope that it will be available in the coming days.

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