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Gujarat NCP chief Jayant Boski sentenced to two years jail

Nationalist Congress Party NCP leader and Gujarat NCP chief Jayant Boski was sentenced to two years by Umreth court. A Complaint was lodged against Boski on 5-10-2016 for conflict at Umreth fair.

He with his supporters stormed into a school in Ratanpura village where a science fair was being held and got into an argument with Rakesh Khira, who worked at the District Education and Training Centre, for not mentioning the MLA’s name on the event’s invitation card.

As the local MLA, his name should have been there, the NCP leader said. Though Khira apologised for the omission, Patel slapped him, the latter said in the complaint.

Patel and his supporters also manhandled two other teachers and damaged some property, Khira said.

The science fair had been organised by the Gujarat Education Department.

Patel was arrested the next day and subsequently granted bail by a local court.

Penalty was ordered in the case. Jayant Boski can now appeal in high court.

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