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Gujarat Relief Commissioner Alok Pandey updated to media on Biparjoy Cyclone effect in state along coastal region

In Next 5-6 hours heavy rain likely in Gujarat. 78 mm of rain received in Kutch in 2 hours.
The cyclone has reached Pakistan border. Power poles have been collapsed in 940 villages and 524 tree have been uprooted. 22 people are injured, no casualties have been reported. 23 animals have died due to cyclone effect.

Heavy rain continues to lash in Kutch Electricity will be restored from tomorrow. Operations will be started in Patan and Banaskantha in heavy rain. Survey of will be started from tomorrow itself. Heavy rain in many areas of Kutch
8 inches of rain received in Gandhidham till now.Bhuj received 6 inches of rain. Anjar-Mundra received 5 inches of rain. 2.5 inches of rain received in Bhachau-Mandvi. Nakhtrana received 2 inches and Abdasa received 1.5 inches of rain. Rapar 1 inch while in Lakhpat received only 4 mm of rain.Rainfall recorded during last 24 hours (6 am to 6 pm).
Heavy winds-heavy rains are experinced in Kutch, even now winds blow at a speed of 100 kmph, massive destruction happened. More than 1000 power poles were uprooted, hundreds of trees fell down, roofs of houses were blown off and many houses were collapsed. Vehicles overturned, huts almost destroyed, hoardings uprooted. Scenes of heavy destruction and rain continue today. The cyclone still hasnot weakened.
Power supply discontinueed in all 529 villages of Jamnagar and Devbhoomi Dwarka district, survey of damage is still going on, there is no estimate of when power supply will be restored.
Biparjoy: The leaves of a house in Kutch’s Nakhtrana taluka were blown like paper in the gusty wind. Rain in 117 talukas from morning to afternoon in Gujarat. Maximum 7.5 inches of rain lashed in Dwarka’s Jam khambhalia. Jamnagar city also received 5 inches of water due to heavy rain in the morning. Four inches of rain each in Anjar and Mandvi of Kutch.4 inches of rain due to torrential rains also in Dwarka.Gandhidham also received 3.5 inches of rain, Rajkot’s Lodhika also received 3 inches of rain, Mundra of Kutch received 3 inches of rain, Rajkot, Wankaner, Jam Kandona Abdasa and Nakhtrana received 2 inches of rain respectively. Massive damage due to the cyclone in Kutch
Power supply was disrupted in more than 75 percent area of Kutch. Winds are still blowing at a speed of 100 kmph towards Rapar and Bhachau
After the cyclone, people are disturbed by the mini cyclone, after the wind stops, the relief operation will start.
Heavy rain in most talukas of Kutch today afternoon as well
Two and a half inches of rain in Bhuj and 2 inches of rain in Mundra between 12 and 2 pm. One and a half inches of rain in Anjar and Gandhidham Many cities of Kutch were waterlogged by heavy rains due to the devastating cyclone effect.

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