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I have evidence of Energy Department recruitment scam says Yuvraj Singh of AAP

Yuvraj Singh said that there are 108 people in our list who are employed by the department. We demand that this scam should be investigated by CBI. I have sought appointment of Home Minister and Police in the matter.

Today Aam Aadmi Party AAP leader Yuvraj Singh Jadeja held a press conference in Gandhinagar in which he talked about crecruitment scam. He also said that the scam was aimed at creating jobs for people from own family and favouratism in recruiting his own people.

He said that apart from giving names of people involved in the scam and information about them, what was their role in the scam. Dilip Dahyabhai Patel his brother Vijay Patel, Dr. Dharmendra Patel resident of Bayad. Shwet Patel acted as a mediator. Shwet’s brother-in-law JayeshBhai, Utpal son of Dilip Dahyabhai Patel and his wife works in Thermal Jetco all are involved. Dilip Dahya Bhai Patel has a key role to play in getting 45 people employed in the Energy Department.

Energy Department scam is run according to family dominance, with only one family members were only employed through this channel. Arvind Patel has similarly employed 40 to 45 of his own people. I have talked to selected employees and I have their audio clip of recording.

Yuvraj Singh said that he has demanded the formation of an inquiry committee from Minister of State for Home Affairs and Chief Minister. Assets to be probed whose names were scanner. Pinkin Barot Head Clerk examination is also involved in recruitment of Energy Department. He came in contact with a young woman from Kutch and collected Rs 16 lakhs,which were collected from a hotel in Vadodara. An audio clip of the case and a chat with Pinkin’s brother. Angadiyu was also done. CCTV footage in this regard will also be provided in coming days.”I apologize again for hurting feelings of any society, but I have come forward to fight for removal of the system as well as for real people are not left behind,” he said. Dilip Patel and Arvind Patel are mingled with officials of Energy Department. There are 108 people on our list who have been employed through this channel. This is not a matter of one society, all people who are polluting in this way.He said that the person who had lodged complaint against is Awadhesh Patel, I have his photo with CR Patil. He also showed the photo at a press conference. “We demand that the scam be investigated by CBI,” he added. I have asked Harsh Sanghvi and police for giving me appointment. I hope we get time.

As per media source.

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