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Light Lamps 9 Baje 9 Minute urged PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi urged Indians. PM said the way you paid gratitude to people fighting against COVID-19 virus effect ,on March 22 has become a model that is being emulated by other countries. Janata curfew&ringing of bells/clanging utensils,made the country aware of its unity amid this challenging time.

Today when crores of people are inside homes, then some of us may think how will they fight this battle against COVID-19 alone. Such questions might come up in your mind? But please remember, none of us is alone. The strength of 130 crores of Indians is with each one of us

On tenth day of nationwide lockdown over COVID-19 pandemic, PM shared a video message and urged all Indians to switch off all lights on 5 April at 9 pm for 9 minutes and light a candle or diya in their doorways or balconies.

On April 5 Sunday, at 9 pm, switch off all lights for nine minutes and light up lamps or torch or cellphone flashlights said PM Narendra Modi.