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Navratri festival starts from today; a festival of religious and cultural significance for Indians

By Darshana Jamindar

Navratri a significant Hindu festival observed for nine nights and 10 days during which nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped. The festival marks the victory of good over evil. This year it is going be a big Navratri festival after restrictions of Coronavirus for 2 years since March 2020 and youth could play garba to the fullest.

Navratri fasts has many variations too. Some people take only water during these nine days, while some eat fruits and some people eat one meal a day.Sabudana Vada and Sabudana Khichdi are some of the popular Navratri food recipes.

Nine different avatars of goddess Durga are worshipped on each day of Navratri. Known to be a form of Parvati and a reincarnation of Sati, Maa Shailputri rides a bull and is represented with a lotus in one hand and a trident in another.

Sheri Garba only happened till 12 o’clock in night. Navratri 2021 in India will begin on Thursday, 7 October and ends on Friday, 15 October.

This year’s Navratri festival will see direct an indirect effect of Corona.

Enthusiastic youth however be ready with new style and steps of Garba. Girls and women will be busy shopping for Chania Choli, fashion accessories, rush to beauty parlor and tattoo studios. Many dance classes are busy preparing enthusiast with new styles and steps. DJ bands and musical groups prepare for Navratri festival and Garba collections of remix tunes.

Navratri, meaning ‘nine nights’, is one of the most popular and widely celebrated Hindu festivals in many parts of India. (especially in Gujarat). It is celebrated differently in India’s various regions. For many people it is a time of religious reflection and fasting; for others it is a time for dancing and feasting. Among fasting customs are observing a strict vegetarian diet and abstaining from alcohol and certain spices.

Garba is a form of dance, as well as a religious and social event that originates in Gujarat, India. Garba is a community circle dance from the northwestern Indian state of Gujarat.

Nowadays Garba and Navratri festival has become a global festival and celebrated all over the world by Indians and Gujarati community in count

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