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Offbeat Career Options- Opening of New Vistas

Offbeat Career Options- Opening of New Vistas

Dr.B.Rajashekhar, Dean, School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Not too long ago, choosing a traditional career was the only option for a safe and promising future. Now, the sheer number of offbeat options that provide benefits of a road less travelled is vast. Generation of today have a pool of options to choose from depending upon their interests, skills and personal characteristics. Unconventional careers are becoming more and more popular with majority of individuals opting for these challenging opportunities with a will to make an impact in this ever changing and growing world.

While engineering and medicine were the go-to options for the last generation of students, there are now many more areas of specialization that are gaining popularity and interestingly, most of these courses are offered keeping the global requirement in mind.


 Allied Health Sciences

The need to apply science and technology in Healthcare is making way for new avenues in Health Sciences. These courses help students to choose exactly which micro-area they wish to focus on. Students can study Nuclear Medicine Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Cardio Vascular Technology, Health Information & Management , Occupational Therapy, Renal Replacement Therapy & Dialysis Technology,  Exercise & Sports Sciences etc. Path-breaking ideas are bringing about countless benefits in the world of science, providing quality education to strengthen innovation capacity of the youth.

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Geopolitics and International Relations

Understanding of complex interrelationships, profound knowledge of other countries, political systems, different mentalities, interest in people and the ability to combine this knowledge are some of the pre-requisites for a successful career in Geopolitics and International Relations.

Link to the course: Geopolitics and International Relations

Public Health

The need to keep communities safe and healthy is a priority of developed countries and public health professionals are a growing requirement.

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European Studies and Gandhian Peace Studies

A keen interest in European culture and heritage can now be pursued through a course in European Studies. This course is designed in such a way that students are equipped with a high level of foreign language proficiency along with sound intercultural competence.

Similarly, studying Gandhian discourse at length to spread Gandhian values, principles and philosophy is attracting scholars from different parts of the world. This course will help you develop leadership and skills keeping Global factors and strategic forces in mind.

Link to the course: Gandhian and Peace Studies , European Language and Intercultural Studies


 Geographical boundaries have faded away and the Indian job market has emerged as a promising one with new fields and different job profiles for millions of job seekers.

In the age of information and internet, it is possible for anybody who is talented or has the knowledge to make it big. India has a diverse talent pool that is ready to take risks and think out-of-the-box.  Now the onus is on educational institutions to encourage their thirst for knowledge and help them grow in their areas of interest.