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Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture visited Ahmedabad

By Darshana Jamindar

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture is traveling to different parts of country.

TG Venkatesh Committee chairman and committee members Shaktisinh Gohil, Rajya Sabha MP from Congress and Jugalji Thakor, BJP Rajya Sabha MP were also present. Chairman of the Committee visited Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad On Asking questions about Gandhi Ashram redevelopment, committee chairman Venkatesh said Redevelopment is taking place but Ashram premises will not be damaged. Surrounding area is being developed.

PM Narendra Modi is working on Gandhiji’s subject with utmost priority. Gandhiji’s birth anniversary is being celebrated in a big way. Gandhiji is a Mahatma so government will not bring politics into it. People should not have any misconceptions about this redevelopment.

Even if development does not cause problems, questions arise. Apart from that, central government is going to make huge investments in the fields of transport, tourism and culture. Tourism is a big sector for economy, so its development is equally necessary.

Efforts to improve the Andaman Islands by giving global tenders will be intensified.

PM Modi himself is a leader of Gujarat. So we donot need to give any suggestion about Gujarat. In India more people are killed in road accidents than in Corona. Efforts are being intensified to make road transport better. Highway will be constructed in such a way that a helicopter or plane can land on them.

We will submit our report to our Parliamentary Standing Committee which will not be made public right now. We are working on civil aviation, shipping transport and highways, culture and other topics.

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