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PM Modi announced New Vaccine Rules, Free Jabs For States

Today Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced that the Centre would provide vaccines free of charge to all above 18 years from June 21 and would take back control of vaccination from states, in a do-over of rules that were enforced about a month ago.

The Centre is taking back total control of vaccination now. It will take over the 25 % doses assigned to states and this will be implemented in the next two weeks. From June 21 (International Day of Yoga), the Centre will provide free vaccines to states, PM Modi declared in his speech to the nation, in which he parried criticism of his government’s vaccine policy.

The Centre will buy 75 % of the vaccines produced by companies, including 25 % assigned to states.

Those who want to pay for their shot can go to private hospitals that will still buy 25 % of the doses directly from manufacturers. Their service charge, however, will be capped at ₹ 150 per dose over the fixed price of the vaccine, the PM added.

75% of vaccination will be free and under the Centre, 25% will be paid and by private hospitals, he said.

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