pre monsoon meeting by collector
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Pre-monsoon meeting chaired by Ahmedabad Collector

A pre-monsoon meeting was held under the chairmanship of Ahmedabad District Collector. Ahmedabad Collector Sandeep Sagle urged all the departments for effective implementation of the action plan.
As part of the pre-planning, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Ahmedabad District Collector Sagle. In the meeting, District Collector urged the officers of concerned department for effective implementation of the action plan. The Collector told employees of district administration that it is responsibility of all of us to see that no one loses his life in a natural calamity. He urged employees of district administration to work with a zero casualty approach.
District Collector reviewed the pre-monsoon preparations of various departments. He identified potential hazardous and low-risk areas and gave guidelines for conducting IEC (Information, Education, Communication) activities in advance.
He instructed departments like National Highway Authority and Railways to make arrangements for removal of obstructive structures in water flow. He also said that work should be done to place sign boards in risky areas. The Collector also suggested to make the personnel on duty in control room more sensitive as well as to train them. He instructed officers of Department of Agriculture to provide proper guidance tofarmers in case of heavy rains or droughts.
He also instructed Veterinary Officer about the arrangements for vaccination of animals with regard to monsoon. District Collector Sagle and District Development Officer Arun Mahesh Babu congratulated Team Ahmedabad for its excellent performance in cyclone. Resident Additional Collector Harshad Vora as well as other high officials of district were also present in the meeting.

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