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PM Modi:”He Helped Gujarat’s Kite Industry to rise”

Today in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi  expressed that his special attention helped the kite industry to grow in Gujarat, which, he said, employs over 90 percent of Muslims.

“When I was the Gujarat Chief Minister, I paid attention to the kites industry. Kite-making is an environment-friendly cottage industry that employs over 90 per cent Muslims,” PM Modi said at the launch of a MUDRA bank to fund micro-finance companies.

“A Rs 35 crore sector rose to a thumping Rs 500-crore sector by attaining newer heights by making a domestic festival to a global event with active participation from around 50 kite flying countries” he added, arguing his point that small industries employ a much bigger work force and therefore need more investment.

Mr Modi said he asked Adv companies to highlght Gujarat’s kite industry.

“A little bit of attention went a long way in this sector,” he told.