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Narendra Modi said will combat terrorism at any cost in Patan

Today Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Patan.

PM Modi is on Gujarat visit for election campaign.

Modi is campaigning for 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat.

It will be election for seventeenth Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Highlights of PM Modi speech :

Modi said opponents have become down after 1st and 2nd phase of elections. Congress who ruled for 70 years abused Army officer; 3 tank factories in there in India and one in Gujarat. We want Army and Navy installations to be there in Gujarat ; in Amethi gun superior to AK47 is being made.

Today all your mobiles are operated using satellites. We have become 4th super power in the world ; they are talking of space debris , has level to understand advent of technology. This Chaiwala has brought forward nation from 11th to 6th position.  Poor people has 1st right on nation’s resources ; more than 10 crore toilets were built ; 7 crore women were given gas who were using Chulas. Upto 5 lakhs medical expense to be borne in Ayushman scheme for poor people ; lakhs of people benefited of it.

I washed feet of workers of Kumbh Mela which was criticised by opponents; schemes made for Divyangs after 1992; every month 150 camps done for Divyangs at expense of Rs 700 crores.  we will form separate water ministry to cater to future water crisis.

We will double income of farmers and every citizen to have thir own house by 2022.  Opponents have objection against word Chowkidar.