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PMO orders to resolve Patidar issue in Gujarat

Issue of Patidar reservation in Gujarat is in deadlock like situation with state offering financial package to Patidars but Patidars seems to be in no mood of accepting the offer from Gujarat govt. Patidars stick to demand of action against Police atrocities after Ahmedabad rally. On the otherside PMO seems  to in tension with Patidars declaring agitation during PM Modi’s US visit. As a result, PMO has order to resolve Patidar issue with 48 hours and assigned the responsibility of it to Saurabh Patel, as per sources.

In a  Press Conference of Yesterday Hardik Patel demanded suspension of 4200 Police responsible for atrocities in Gujarat. Also about meeting with Chief Minister he insisted of live telecast to be shown to people on meeting proceedings and indirectly denied of attending CM meeting. He had firm plans to hold Dandi Yatra on Tuesday. State govt ‘s tension is raised with Patidars now demanding action against Police atrocities and reservation.

Patidar leader has stated that failure of meeting with CM will compel to hold Patidar rally. They also announced programs in Surat and boycott of elections.