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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Rajkot program today

Today Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will visit Gujarat for two days. Schedule of PM Modi’s Rajkot tour is as follows :

3.10 PM- Arrival at Rajkot Hirasar International Airport

3.15 PM- Reach Airport Terminal Building By road

3.30 PM- Inaugurate of Airport Terminal Building and its inspection

3.40 PM – From Airport Terminal Building reach MI-17 helicopter By road  

3.45 PM – Arrival from Rajkot International Airport to Rajkot Airport

4.00 PM – Arrival at Rajkot Airport

4.10 PM – Proceed from Rajkot Airport By road to Race Course Venue

4.15 PM – Arrival at Race Course Venue

4.15 to 5.30 PM – Inauguration of KKV Chowk Overbridge and Sauni Yojana launching from Race Course Ground and address public meeting

5.30 PM – Departure from Race Course Ground to Rajkot Airport

5.40 PM – Fly from Rajkot in Boeing for Ahmedabad

6.00 PM – Arrive at Ahmedabad airport

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