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QMetry’s AI enabled digital quality platform will scale its Ahmedabad R&D and Innovation center

California headquartered QMetry to double its Ahmedabad team Keeping pace with the digital transformation growth globally, QMetry’s AI enabled digital quality platform will scale its Ahmedabad R&D and Innovation center

Ahmedabad, January 6: QMetry is a leading software quality products company offering AI enabled digital quality platform to enterprises. It plans to double its employee strength in Ahmedabad as its growth strategy to leverage talent for fueling its innovation and R&D. Ahmedabad is the only R&D center globally for QMetry.

“Current decade will see many companies from India leading SaaS product categories. QMetry is confident to lead AI enabled software quality space and sees huge opportunity to tap key talent in Ahmedabad to enable that. Ahmedabad team will work on to evolving software quality SaaS products that are currently adopted by many F500 companies.” said Makarand Teje (Mak), CEO of QMetry.

Mak is based out of the US along with QMetry’s leadership team and is on his first visit to Ahmedabad since taking over as CEO in November 2020. He is a seasoned technology industry professional and has served in leadership positions in companies like HCL, Capgemini, and Wipro in a career spanning more than three decades.

 “Digital transformation has been on the rise for many yearswith customer facing and backend business functions becoming digital. Pandemic has accelerated this manifold as more and more functions have gone online to enable business continuity and growth. QMetry is fortunate to be in the epicenter of helping large enterprises deliver better quality software.” Mak said.

QMetry’s 1stAI-enabled Digital Quality Platform offering test management, test automation and scalable seamless integrations to deliver continuous testing. It incrementally enhances the quality of your releases, shortens the sprints, and speeds up your time to market. 

QMetry provides a combination of tools, methodologies, practices, frameworks, and best practices that allow agile teams to build, manage and deploy high quality software faster, with confidence. QMetry leverages leading cloud technology stacks, microservices, distributed scalable framework, DevOps, Continuous Testing, and AI/ML.

QMetry offers more than 20 integrations and is trusted by 1200+ brands globally across many industries like finance, healthcare services, travel & hospitality, retail, education, and high technology. QMetry is an Atlassian Platinum partner and is backed by Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking division and Everstone group.

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