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Rashtriya Raksha University Expands International Collaboration in Law Enforcement and Security Education

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, October 4, 2023 Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) has taken a significant step towards enhancing global cooperation in the fields of law enforcement and security education. On September 4, 2023, RRU signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Uganda Police Force at the Police Headquarters in Naguru, Uganda. The MoU was signed by Cdr. Manoj Bhatt, Director Accreditation and Affiliation from RRU; Mr. Ravish Shah, Head of ICOD from RRU; and AIGP Golooba Godfrey, the Director of Human Resource Development.

The collaboration between RRU and the Uganda Police Force aims to foster mutual understanding and knowledge exchange in the areas of law enforcement training, research, and capacity building.
By joining forces, both institutions seek to enhance their educational programs and contribute to the professional development of law enforcement personnel.Under this MoU, RRU and the Uganda Police Force will engage in various collaborative activities such as faculty exchange programs, joint research projects, curriculum development initiatives, and sharing best practices in law enforcement education. These efforts will enable both institutions to benefit from each other’s expertise and experiences, ultimately leading to improved law enforcement practices in their respective countries.

Speaking about this partnership, Cdr. Manoj Bhatt expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration:”We are delighted to establish this strategic partnership with the Uganda Police Force. This MoU signifies our commitment to fostering international cooperation in law enforcement education. We believe that by sharing knowledge and resources, we can collectively address the evolving challenges faced by law enforcement agencies worldwide”.
Mr. Ravish Shah added: “This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for RRU to expand its global footprint and contribute to the development of law enforcement education in Uganda. We look forward to working closely with the Uganda Police Force and exchanging best practices that will benefit both institutions”.
AIGP Golooba Godfrey, the Director of Human Resource Development at the Uganda Police Force, expressed his appreciation for the partnership: “We are excited to collaborate with Rashtriya Raksha University in enhancing our capacity to provide quality training and education to our personnel. This MoU will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, enabling us to improve our law enforcement practices and contribute to the safety and security of our nation”.
The signing of this MoU marks a significant milestone for RRU as it expands its international collaboration efforts and strengthens its position as a leading institution in law enforcement and security education. This partnership with the Uganda Police Force sets the stage for future collaborations with other international organizations, fostering a global network of knowledge sharing and cooperation.

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