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Shaktisinh Gohil Congress files complaint against Amit Shah and Raja Singh over video on Dalits in social media

Today in Gandhinagar, Congress leader Shahktisinh Gohil files case against BJP president Amit Shah and BJP party whip for T Raja Singh. On issue of atrocities on Una Dalits BJP whip T Raja Singh had posted a video on Facebook showing cow axed by Dalits and being taken by them. In Video slang was used for Dalits. In this connection, Shaktisinh Gohil under Indian Penal Code and sedition charges in Gandhinagar in sector 20 has made complaint. Gohil has blamed amit Shah that on instructions from him this activity was done and Shah is not taking action against party whip. The video became viral on social media on a signal from Amit Shah. Gohil called BJP as anti Dalit.
20 partymen of Congress accompanied Gohil were detained when they went to lodge police complaint with him. Partymen were arrested as they had come as a mob, as per sources.