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Shekhar Suman says ‘Geo Dil Se’ during launch of his ‘The Shekhar Suman’ show on MY FM Radio

Article by Hiral Vilas

Today, Shekhar Suman, Bollywood actor and famous anchor of popular intelligent comedy show ‘Movers With Shakers’ was in Ahmedabad. Shekhar  was in the city for launch of his own show ‘The Shekhar  Suman Show’ on 94.3 MY FM Radio.

In an Exclusive Interview with Gujaratheadline, Shekhar said, it is very challenging to do a show on Radio, especially when your face is not seen. The Actor feels, JANATA, public itself is a big celebrity, there is no one bigger than public. To stay connected with people is important. In a reply to why Radio program, actor clarified that I am not limiting myself to just movies or TV but doing all types of programs. So no I am launching this Radio based show. Whether actor is following  Amin Sayani, a very famous anchor of Binaca Days, actor denied saying that I donot have any style of anchor, infact, no style of anchoring in  itself is a big style. Even, Amin Sayani, normally speak the way we have heard him on Binaca Geetmala program on Radio in those days.

Speaking about philosophy of the program ‘Geo Dil Se’, because Shekhar feels that either we are very much into past or we think very much of future but reality is this present, whatever we are now , that’s important , that we should live wholeheartedly, because we donot what is going to happen next.

Shekhar has been to Ahmedabad manier times before and loves this place.

People are now seeing Ahmedabad and Gujarat with different angle when there is a Prime Minister of country from Gujarat, whether there any Modi in you?, this place is taken as a model now, feels Shekhar.

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