girsomnath dam overflow
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Shingoda and Hiran-2 dam overflowed in Gir Somnath

In Gir Somnath heavy rain lashed in last 24 hours. 2 big dam and 1 check dam are overflowing in Bhadarvo. Shingoda and Hiran-2 dam and droneshwar check dam of Gir Gadhda have overflown. Talala – Prachi road is closed and in Talala city one car was drowned in a causeway near Akolwadi village. Driver Hasmukh Munjpara is missing. He belonged to Bikhala village of Junagadh district. Machhundri river waters have touched steps of Swaminarayan temple. Program in the foot of dam was cancelled due to flooding.

Una received 1 inch, Kodinar received 4.2 inch, Gir Gadhda received 11 mm, Veraval received 2.5 inch, Talala received 4.2 inch and Sutrapada received 2.3 inch of rain in last 30 hours.

People staying in low lying areas were alerted as Shingoda dam’s gates were opened upto 0.30 meter and 5 gates of Hiran-2 dam were opened.