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Specially abled Children of Karan Foundation join the Digital India Campaign

It was almost a decade ago that the Government of India launched a Digital India Mission to provide digital infrastructure as a source of utility and thus empower every Indian. However there was this segment of Specially abled Children who were not able to access this facility so far. It was indeed a technologically amazing experience for a group of Specially abled children of Karan Foundation who were given access to their own smart class in presence of it’s founder Mrs Rakhi Verma, a special educator and working with specially abled children for over 24 years and Mr. Alkesh Mashruwala – Founder of Act of Kindness.

Mrs. Rakhi shared, ” Interactive White boards indicate positive effects on students with special educational needs and promote a multi sensory style of learning. The technology has proven it’s value added to students with severe, complex, moderate learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and on deaf, blind or physically impaired. All our Kids are equipped and capable enough to use the Digital devices and I am sure that this Smart Class facility would take their intelligence to the next levels.”

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