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Strict imposition of lockdown in bigger cities says Gujarat DGP

Today Gujarat DGP Director General of Police Shivanand Jha addressed a press conference in Gandhinagar. Jha briefed on law and order during lock down situation in the state amid Coronavirus pandemic.

For public health reasons and rise in number of Coronavirus positive cases, people are advised to stay indoors stay safe. People are advised to cooperate with police and maintain social distance with self discipline.

In Big cities, strict imposition of lockdown is planned and use of all types of vehicles has been banned.

Community transfers are restricted for traffic from village to highway and help of Sarpanch etc is sought said DGP.

Any discriminatory behavior with medical staff or patient will be viewed seriously warned DGP. Today one person is arrested for similar reason updated Jha.

He advised to live life amicably and stay away from conflict.

Updating on crime statistics DPG said in Ahmedabad 365 were booked using Drone footage and 55 booked using CCTV footage. In Gujarat, 1748 were booked using Drone footage and 242 booked using CCTV footage