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Congress In-Charge Raghu Sharma’s statement on insecurity to Out State Traders spark controversy

Traders from other states who have come to Gujarat for business and have been doing business for years are in danger. Traders who make such statements are not safe. However, this statement has been proved wrong by traders who came from Rajasthan (Rajasthani traders). Traders are telling us not to make political issue without a […]

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New Gujarat president will be announced next week after Gujarat Congress leader’s meeting in Delhi

Rahul Gandhi held discussions with all the leaders. Dr. Raghu Sharma, In-charge of the state, remained present in the meeting. Leader of the Opposition along 4 to 5 Vice Presidents will be announced. Ashok Gehlot to be given special responsibility in Gujarat. Jagdish Thakor’s name leads in president post. If there will Patidar president then […]