Business Gujarat Top Stories gives Real Life view of inside and outside property before it is built

Ahmadabad City based leading realty and home decor solutions provider company Root’s Décor India Private Limited has launched India’s first interactive VR/MR/AI based system solution which helps home buyers and realty developers to visualize their project design and space layout planning and decor theme in real life viewing before it execution.
In the conventional system, users or buyers of real estate industry and home décor industry are required to physically visit the industry entity to view 360° space layout and design planning of the entity for real life viewing experience. There are cases that the users or buyers which are limited in time cannot physically visit the property site. Traditional systems of real estate and home décor industry have some limitations such as the potential buyers cannot have a feel of the live interior and exterior space of project, and similarly the potential developers can not have live experience demo of their real project overview before it is built.

With an aim to fulfil changing needs of home buyers and realty sector, The Roots has launched these solutions which understand customer’s visualization needs and is capable of designing stunning and breathtaking visuals for the projects. From creating visualization images and videos to creating 360 interactive panoramas, company’s team of artists craft an experience that ensures the saleability of the conceptualized project.
Commenting on this launch, Mr. Naresh Patel, MD & CEO, Root’s Décor India Private Limited, said, “In line with our mission, we work relentlessly to provide customers a wide spectrum of solutions ranging from interior solutions, visual designs and complete range of building materials products to meet their specific requirements. With this, our customers will be able to use VR solution anytime and anywhere on their Smartphone or they can experience the power of VR at dedicated studio at the project site. This includes pre visualization support, property interior or exterior viewing, sample flat viewing, video walk-through, fly-through and 360 interactive panoramic tools.”
To provide realistic views of the project, an experienced team of Root’s Décor uses on-site photography, drone photography & video shooting to create AI (Artificial Intelligence) based viewing experience. Also, for brochure and architectural design presentations, the team creates a QR code link for a quick and easy access to the VR experience of projects on their Smartphone from anywhere.
“We have developed state-of-the-art experience studio at our office and we also built studio at project site as per the requirements of our Developers. This unique concept has received tremendous response from the clients and we have successfully delivered these technology based solutions to more than 15 developers in Ahmadabad, and now are confident to take it in other cities of Gujarat and India with our planned launch of a studio franchise model,” Mr. Patel added.
It is to be stressed that this kind of new and upcoming technology of VR is the future of realty and home decor sectors. This can be experienced on 3d glasses, Mobile VR, HTC Vive, Oculus, Hololens, PC, XBOX and Play station. All experiences are supported on Android, IOS, MacOS, Linux and game consoles.
Naresh Patel, MD, stated that “Our IT and Interior Décor team has worked on this for the past three year to develop this entire concept in house”,
“More than 15 Real Estate leading companies in Ahmadabad have already deployed this technology to enable potential buyers to “see” the interiors of apartments before they take a final decision. As per our QR code analytics report more than 15,000 users have viewed our client sample house on their Smartphone at their convenient time and place.”
One developer customer, Nakshatra, has found this solution so effective that it dispensed with the development of a sample apartment that is usual trend nowadays. “Most buyers said that the VR experience of the interior space of the 2 and3 BHK apartment was as good as an actual sample flat”, states CEO of Nakshatra.
The invention allows potential buyers of homes and apartments to walk through and experience the interiors in virtual reality. It provides a life like feeling of how the space will feel and also look with all the furniture and home décor styles, colours, accessories. They would even be able to see the view outside each window! So no different from experiencing the real thing but all this BEFORE the building is completed finished.
Advance version of the Virtual Reality (VR) Technology allows the users to interact with the interior space to explore different options for Home Décor. The technology allows them to interact with the interiors such that with a click of a button they can change the colour or material of the flooring, walls, upholstery, etc.
For the Real Estate sector this technology has the potential of transforming the sales process. Not only do have to wait till a sample flat is ready before they can really showcase the apartment on offer, but with technology the potential buyers do not even have to visit the actual site. They can view the interiors on their Smartphone from wherever they are: For a more immersive and interactive, life like experience visit the nearest VR studio at their own convenience.