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Youth leader YuvrajSinh Jadeja’s brother-in-law Shivbha Gohil appeared before Bhvanagar police

Today youth leader YuvrajSinh Jadeja’s brother-in-law Shivbha Gohil made a big revelation before surrendering to police. Shivbha Gohil appeared before Bhavnagar police. He is accused in scandal. Yesterday Yuvrajsinh was booked by police for extracting Rs 1 crore from two students in Dummy Writer case. He was alleged of having kept cash money at his brother-in-laws’s house. Rs 30 lakhs cash was recovered by police.

He appeared before Nilam bagh police station in Bhavnagar.Shivbha Gohil said it is a political conspiracy. He talked to media at police station.
Yuvraj Sinh’s brother-in-law Kanbha on five-days remand by court.

Actually Yuvrajsinh and his two brother-in-laws Kanbha and Shivbha are giving conflicting statements to police.

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