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AMC team collected samples of Undhiyu and Jalebi before Uttarayan

Today health officers of AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation conducted raid at Farsan and sweets shop in West Zone of Paldi area.

Tomorrow being Uttarayan, there is a popular customary to eat Undhiyu and Jalebi, sold at most Farsan and sweets shops /outlets in Ahmedabad.

Many shops have installed big pandals and started pre-cooking and preparing of Undhiyu. On Uttarayan, there will be big queue of people waiting to get Undhiyu and Jalebi and enjoy the treat.

In public interest, AMC team collected samples of Undhiyu and Jalebi as a precaution. They checked kitchen and cleanliness and raw material used for making Undhiyu and Jalebi.