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Amit Chavda of Congress takes on Government on compensation to farmers of unseasonal rain and unruly bootleggers

Government to pay for crop damage compensation before Kharif season: Amit Chavda
• Unruly bootleggers due to soft eye of government : Amit Chavda
• Raid bootleggers and put them behind bars: Amit Chavda

In a press conference held at Gandhinagar today, Leader of Opposition in Gujarat Assembly Congress MLA Amit Chavda, Kisan Cell Chairman Palbhai Ambalia and Gujarat Congress spokesperson Manhar Patel raised a firm voice on issues of unseasonal rain and fake seeds in Gujarat.

In the press conference , Chavda said that many farmers are still deprived of unseasonal rain assistance, malpractice is done in crop damage assistance will not be carried out in any way and for that, voice will be raised through Jan Manch and Jan Andolan.
Evidence of tampering with survey documents for damage caused by unseasonal rains was presented and Congress’s claims about errors in the survey were found to be true. The percentage loss column in the crop damage survey sheet was tampered with. Manipulated forms of crop damage survey of Atkot village of Jasdan taluka were presented. Survey of unseasonal rains of March 2023 was conducted by government in May 2023 so that the farmers did not get any compensation on time. Only a few talukas were covered in the survey and many talukas were left out which were uncompensated. 3rd March 2023 survey of rainfall done on 15th May 2023, so no farmers will keep the crop till then for more than 2 months.

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